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Aug 12, 2015     admin   0 Comment     News

Deep in the heart of a desert wasteland near the Mexican California border lies a ranch, which from afar looks like nothing more than an abandoned ghost town only visited occasionally by off-road vehicles and old military trucks. But what actually lies behind this quaint antique veil is a thriving business of children and teenagers held captive and sold to the most twisted of customers. Here, kids of all ages and races are transported to this lonely island of old buildings surrounded by scenic desert mountain ranges once roamed by the famous outlaws of the wild west, and brainwashed into accepting their new reality as “product”, hence it’s code name among buyers and sellers as the “trade school”. Once you’re here, you have disappeared from society and the population. Only a desert wanderer would stumble across such a remote prison, and even then, there is little chance they would be seen again.

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