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When it comes to defining a strong human being within this life, one can list numerous accomplishments that an individual has conquered when it comes to being a parent, a business owner, a humanitarian and someone that has made a difference within their community.

But when you attach being a strong woman, there is no doubt that Deana Molle’ is the epitome of such a person that not only captures all of those qualities, but far surpasses her own goals she has set for herself while staying humble throughout all of it.

Born and raised locally from Southern California, Deana Molle’ has taken on the roles of being a mother, a wife, an actress, an entrepreneur, an advocate for equality, a fierce Latina presence, and quite the addition to this thing called LIFE.

As a former Ms. America contestant and winner in 2004, Deana is the first and only Latina to hold this title to this very day. She moved forward with being crowned Ms. International in 2012 in which she received the Presidents Volunteer Service Award for her community service with “Meals on Wheels” and “Victims of Human Trafficking”. There is no doubt that Deana places others before her to see through their true potential while being a support system all can lean on and learn from to pay it forward in teaching others to enrich their lives.

But the ventures of Deana do not stop there. Not only is she a “Jill of all trades” and a master of all, she is a full time realtor and owner of her business called “Closet-diggers”. While keeping a watchful eye in design and fashion, she takes bargain shopping and treasure hunting to a whole new level which has been noticed by many within the media, hence, allowing her talent and out- of-the-box buying mindset to take flight to new levels. The streamline from being a Latina Reality TV Personality to owning “Closet-diggers” not only shows the hustle that is Deana Molle’, but shows that the sky has no limits to all of her endeavors.

Not only with maintaining these daily activities and pushing herself to her own limits, she, alongside her husband Uriah Molle, owner of Sunolar, have taken advantage of being “empty- nesters” and work together within his business of educating people on the power of going solar and helping others with energy efficiency. These two together and individually, are unstoppable within their ventures of constant movement to secure amazing life for themselves but also inspire the lives of all of those they come into contact with.

While recently being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and undergoing a total Thyroidectomy, Deana faced what all women fear with time and with this added experience that attached to her life: her body was changing. The shifts prior to this and having to navigate around this new situation lead Deana to once again, become creative and re-invent herself by turning to homeopathic medicine and medical cannabis. As she has put it, “Life only gets better with the unexpected chain of events”.

The positivity and ambition of Deana can easily be looked upon with a smile and a pat on her back for surviving all of lifes ups and downs. But when you apply her type of spirit and gratitude towards life and can actually practice what she preaches to herself and to others, the true enriching of ones life can be seen through with her attitude and execution.

Deana Molle will always be an inspiration to us all within her accomplishments and achievements and if there’s anything to take advantage of here, it is to look from within as she looks outwardly upon all of those around her and apply the simple principle of being grateful for what you have and to love yourself fully.

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